OFC 2024 Optical Communication Exhibition Review (Ⅱ)

Created on:2024-04-28

At the recently held OFC exhibition, excellent enterprises in the global optical communication industry gathered and competed to display the latest technical achievements and innovative products. The exhibition brought together optical communication technologies such as 800G/1.6T optical modules, single-wave 200G optical chips, LPOs, Silicon Optical & CPOs, etc., which will define the industry's trend and provide solutions to key global issues such as quantum networks, artificial intelligence, and data center connectivity.


Many companies showcase their latest products and technologies

ATOP launched several high-profile silicon optical modules at the show, including 800G DR8, 800G LPO DR8, and 400G DR4 series. Among them, the 800G LPO silicon optical modules have won wide recognition in the industry for their excellent linearity advantage for high-order modulated signals, as well as low power consumption and low latency. Berxel brought three series of new products, including VCSEL chips for AI and data centers, LIDAR application solutions, and 3D sensing cameras, providing efficient solutions for different application scenarios.


Cambridge Technology also displayed a series of advanced optical module products, including 800G optical modules with immersion cooling technology and Linear Pluggable (LPO) 800G optical modules. These products demonstrate Cambridge Technology's deep technical accumulation and market insight in the field of optical communication, injecting new vitality into the development of the industry. Orange Tek focused on displaying 800G LENS and other series of products, special LENS designed for high-speed DSP flip-chip ICs attracted a lot of attention, demonstrating its innovative strength in the field of optical communication devices.


Sintai mainly displayed the DCI-BOX type OTN transmission system, OTNS8600 optical transmission network system, and OLS open optical line system, demonstrating its profound technical accumulation in the field of optical transmission networks. Visint displayed 800G coherent optical WDM equipment and OLS DWDM WDM equipment with a high transmission rate and flexible configuration to meet diversified needs. Optoway Technology also announced that it will accelerate the mass production of 100G EML and the introduction of 200G EML chips to meet the growing market demand.


Source Photonics launched 800G (4×200G )PAM4 DR4/FR4/LR4 OSFP optical module series products, which adopt the company's self-developed 200G PAM4 EML laser to realize single-wave 200Gb/s PAM4 signal output, which injects new vitality into the development of the optical communication industry. Tfcsz demonstrated an 800G optical module supporting application products and revealed that the Thailand factory will be put into operation soon to enhance production capacity and efficiency. Ruijie Networks released self-developed 400G and 800G LPO optical modules and planned to conduct feasibility tests for 1.6T LPO optical modules and 3.2T NPO optical engines.


Opportunities brought by OFC exhibition

This year's OFC exhibition undoubtedly brought unprecedented development opportunities and challenges to the global optical communication industry. Various major enterprises have showcased their latest R&D achievements and innovative products to jointly promote the comprehensive iteration and upgrade of optical communication technology. With the rapid development of AI technology and the exponential growth of arithmetic power demand, the optical communication industry is ushering in unprecedented development opportunities. In the future, we expect to see more innovative technologies applied and landed, injecting new impetus for the prosperous development of the optical communication industry.